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What is subscription service?

 Great question! Subscription service is a feature that auto-renews each month. You must cancel your service in order to stop billings. 

What important dates should I note?

The most important dates to note are the 4th day of every month and the 11th. All boxes ship out the 4th day of the month and your bill cycle is the 11th day. Please note that you are billed before we ship your box. The last day of the month is the last day for new subscribers.

How much notice do I need to provide to cancel my subscription?

 5 business days before billing please. If something comes up give us a shout. We always try to work something out with our customers. 

What certifications do your products have?

 This is a great question.  Certifications are a great indicator of the quality behind the product, especially USDA. Where they can be tricky is that they are expensive and therefore tend to leave out the smaller manufacturers that can have the best ingredients.  

 Our essential oils are all USDA Organic Certified and Vegan Certified. All other products included in your monthly box will be at the same standard or greater. 

At Vegan Organic we are committed to the quality of ingredient rather than a specific certification. However the products we decide on are most often are properly certified.

It is our promise to you that we will continue to source the highest quality ingredient for a Vegan Organic lifestyle.

Do you accept returns and exchanges?

Returns and exchanges are accepted from one-time purchased items. Subscription boxes are treated on a case by case basis but generally returns are not accepted.

We generally only replace items if they are defective, damaged, or missing from your shipment. This is largely to do with the short shelf life on our products. They are made specifically for you.

If the item is damaged you may be asked to email us a photo so we know how to avoid this error in the future. All replacements are with an identical or similar item.

Vegan Organic Box is not responsible for damage that occurs due to weather or postal carrier handling. 

Why does your packaging change?

You will notice bubble wrap enter our packaging scheme here and there. This is because we never buy packaging materials that aren't biodegradable. We do however save bubble wrap and other non biodegradable items from going to the landfill. This means if we can get an extra use out of plastics we will. Otherwise our packaging should remain streamlined.